HUP Concept
 VITHUS was founded on the basis of the free agreement of some "founder" organizations that signed in early 2005 a Memorandum of Understanding on the topic. Since there other organizations joined VITHUS as Member Organizations. VITHUS does not make difference between "founders" and "adherents".

VITHUS membership means free-will commitment to cooperate in the HUman Performance - HUP field.

Participation in VITHUS as Member Organization does not imply any mutual contract, financial or property related agreements, does not imply any exclusive or preferential relationship, does not imply any legal bound to each other. Nevertheless, VITHUS membership implies ethical, reciprocal, obligations of confidentiality with respect to intellectual or industrial property that arises from, or is used for, the shared activity.

May the situation arise that funds or goods exchange, as well as intellectual property agreements, would be required to fulfill some common tasks, by some member organizations, applicable legal mechanisms as contracts, protocols or others will be put into practice to establish liability between participants. It is to stress that such situation does not imply contract binding of all members, neither the exclusion of non-member organizations.

The present VITHUS Member Organizations are:

- The National Institute for Sports Research (Institutul National de Cercetare pentru Sport - INCS);
- The Institute of Space Sciences (Institutul de Stiinte Spatiale - ISS);
- OnlineSolutions Media srl - OLS;
- Medisystem Hospitals S.A. (Spitalul Euroclinic Bucuresti - EURO);
- Fundeni Clinical Institute (Institutul Clinic Fundeni - ICF);
- AmicaDent srl - AMICA;

For contacts of each Member Organization see the VITHUS Board page.
Member Organizations are listed in the chronological order of adherence to VITHUS.
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