HUP Concept
 Each VITHUS' Member Organization designates a contact person. The whole group of contact persons acts as the VITHUS' Scientific Committee.

VITHUS has a President, with representation and image role, elected by the Scientific Committee. The President must be different from Member Organization designated contact persons.

VITHUS has an Executive Secretary with executive current role, appointed by the Scientific Committee. The Executive Secretary must be different from Member Organization designated contact persons.

The President, the Executive Secretary and the Scientific Committee act as the VITHUS' Board. The Board members deliberates and are in contact, usually, by e-mail. The board deliberation is collegial and the Board recommendations are effective to VITHUS as a whole, but not-compulsory for each Member Organization's internal affairs. The Board deliberates, recommend and confirm the new membership welcome, deliberates on VITHUS' general scientific trends and strategies, recommends actions and exceptionally, deliberates on motivation and recommend the cooperation termination with a certain Member Organization.
The members of the Board are temporarily assigned and their activity is voluntary.

Currently, the VITHUS' Board structure is:

Pierre Joseph de HILLERIN - VITHUS' President - hillerin@sportscience.ro
Vlad VALEANU - VITHUS' Executive Secretary - vithus@onlinesolutions.ro

VITHUS' Scientific Committee (SC):
Dan BOBOC, INCS - SC President - dan_boboc@sportscience.ro
Sorin ZGURA, ISS - SC Member - szgura@venus.nipne.ro
Dan VIZITIU, OLS - SC Member - dan@onlinesolutions.ro
Tereza GHITESCU, EURO - SC Member - tereza.ghitescu@medisystem.ro
Daniel ONISOR, ICF - SC Member - dielons@icfundeni.ro
Andrei UNGAR, AMICA - SC Member - andrei.ungar@gmail.com

For reference to the Scientific Committee member's affiliation acronym see the VITHUS Members page.
Member Organization's representative and contact are listed in the chronological order of adherence to VITHUS.
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